Vessels & Covers

Vessels & Covers

Chrom4 dissolution vessels comply with USP (711) and with the associated original equipment manufacturers dimensional specifications. This is extremely important because the vessels associated with various dissolution baths are not dimensionally the same.

High Precision Vessel vessels provide ultimate dimensional accuracy • Sphericity less then .10mm • Spherical radius 50.03+/- 0.08mm • Cylindricity less then 0.17mm

High Precision vessels offer ultimate control of dissolution variables and assist with dissolution instrument calibration to ASTM E 2503-07 requirements.

Key Features: •Fits directly into the dissolution bath •Does not require Centering Ring •Comes standard with individual certificates •Inside bottom extremely close to true hemisphere - Sphericity •Extremely low tolerance of radius of inside bottom •Inside cylindrical body extremely close to true circle - Circularity •Agreement of both centers of cylindrical body and bottom - Concentricity •Inside cylindrical body extremely close to true cylinder - Cylindricity •Vessel center nearly perfect vertical and guaranteed by the concentricity •Extremely low tolerance of inside diameters of cylindrical body •Extremely low vessel-to-vessel variation in configuration •ASTM, USP, BP, EP, JP and associated pharmacopeia compliant

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