Platinum Crucibles and Accessories

Platinum Crucibles and Accessories

Platinum Crucibles and Accessories for Laboratory, XRF analyses, microanalyses, incineration and evaporation requiring high temperature fusion of samples and resistance to very aggressive substances.

Crucibles, Lids, Capsules, Dishes, Boats, Mini-Crucibles with or without reinforced rims or bottoms, spouts or handles are produced in Platinum or derived alloys combined with Gold, Rhodium, Iridium, Palladium. We supply Mixers, Platinum-coated tongs, drills, electrodes and other special products made with platinum and derived alloys or other precious metals based on the client’s needs.

The range of products includes also Sputtering Targets for PVD, Pellets for evaporation, Slugs in any shape, dimension and metal requested.

The formats we provide are adaptable to all analysis tools and machinery by the most common and renown brands of the market and on request we can also provide off-standard dimensions. We are also available for the purchase or regeneration of unusable crucibles by extracting the precious metals to be reused for the supply of new crucibles or accessories.

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